Ole Georg

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Clausen- B1. Rocket Rhythm No 1

Clausen - Rocket Rhythm No. 5

Clausen - Rocket Rhythm no.2

Flying Objects

Thomas Clausen - Bio Rhythm No. 3

Runaway Strings

Roger Webb - Discovery

Fashion Avenue

Happy Times

Capitol Media #4

Child Music - Lullaby

I Can Be Your Hero

Episodio 411 (1988)

Episodo 381 (1987)

El Chapulín Colorado

Clown Clon

Happy Opus

Moment Musical

Riding High

Sassy Silk

Vice And Robbers

Sidewalk Shuffle

Growing Young

Metro Trail (1930s)

On Golden Lake

Good Time Girl

Beethoven symphony no 5

Network 1978 Disco

Capitol Media Music Series release No.4

Safe Encounter

Test Pattern

Non-stop Energy

Metro Trail (1930s)

Soul of a Song

Vice And Robbers (Rock Currents)

Orchestra and Voices

Capitol Hi-Q Series REEL X-106

Beat Pattern

Clausen "UFO No. 1" (1980)

Clausen - Rocket Rhythm No. 5

Clausen - Bio Rhythm No. 3

Clausen - Rocket Rhythm No. 4

Clausen - Bio Rhythm No. 6

Clausen - Bio Rhythm No. 5

Clausen - Non Stop Rock # 7

Clausen - Non Stop Rock # 4